AzRC Scholarship Opportunities 

2022-2023 Applications are accepted starting July 1, 2022

Applications are Due - November 1, 2022


Arizona Recycling Coalition (AzRC) is a nonprofit organization of professionals and citizens pledged to promote recycling efforts in private, public and nonprofit sectors throughout Arizona. AzRC provides leadership on waste reduction through education and membership involvement. The intent of the AzRC Scholarship Program is to develop new leaders for the recycling and sustainability industries who are enrolled in an environmental sustainability field of study. AzRC will award scholarships up to $2,500 to students enrolled full-time in public or private Arizona college or university.


Recycling is an important part of our community; it conserves natural resources, helps the environment and creates a sustainable Arizona. The intent of the AzRC Scholarship Program is to develop new leaders who are enrolled in an environmental sustainability field of study. 

  • Proof of full-time enrollment at one of Arizona’s state universities for the upcoming academic year with an unofficial transcript. If awarded a scholarship, an official transcript will be required before funds are disbursed.
  • Unofficial transcript demonstrating GPA 3.0 or higher
  • One (1) reference letter from applicant’s academic advisor OR current professor demonstrating leadership in recycling/sustainability activities
  • Must attend the AzRC annual meeting prior to grant award
  • Complete scholarship application in full

Meet the eligibility requirements and complete the scholarship application and letter of reference. The scholarship funding is for tuition fees and must be used by the academic year 2023. The funding cannot be used for outstanding student loans. If awarded a scholarship, tuition payment will be made directly to the school.

 We review applications based on the following rubric:

  1. Impact: The impact you will have on recycling-related efforts in the state if you received this scholarship.
  2. Story: How convincing and inspiring your story is.
  3. Professionalism: Your level of professionalism in completing this application. 
  4. Letter of Recommendation: The strength and quality of your letter of recommendation.
Application timeline and requirements

Scholarship applications must be submitted to [email protected] by November 1, 2022. All applicants will receive confirmation of their electronic submission within 72 business hours of receipt. If you do not hear from us, please contact us directly!

The scholarship winners will be announced at the AzRC Annual Meeting in February 2023.

If you win the scholarship, we request that you conduct a video interview with us. Your story and video help us attract additional donations and funds, which allows us to continue our grant and scholarship program. It also shows our members and the general public what tremendous and innovative work is you are doing in Arizona. We'll play this video at our annual conference and post it on our website and social media channels.